South Williamsport Area School District

Serious weather conditions and other emergencies may make it necessary to delay the opening of school or to close school. That decision will come from the office of the superintendent of schools. In case of delayed school openings, buses will operate on a delayed time schedule according to the length of the delay. Announcements regarding closing or delays will be made over the following radio and television stations:

WNEP-TV: Channel 16
WYOU-TV: Channel 22
WRAK - 1400 AM
WBRE-TV-Channel 28
WWPA - 1340 AM
WILQ - 105.1 FM
WKSB - 102.7 FM
WZXR - 99.3 FM
WZXR - 103.7 FM
WVRT - 97.7 FM
 WGRC - 90.7

 WJSA - 1600 AM

The decision will be made as early as possible in the morning but by 7:00 am. If the decision is made the night before, it will be made by 11:00 p.m.


This only ties up the phone lines, which are needed to make all the arrangements necessary to close or delay the opening.


Last Modified on November 25, 2014